Problems we aim to solve

  • NFT owners and Metaverse early adopters need ready-made blockchain backed 3D space to develop their virtual land and build up communities.
  • Mainstream businesses are starting to seek innovative ways of gaining Web3 presence in order to engage with the digital native generation.

Our three-tier solution


MIGRATE to the ultimate Dojo Metaverse

  • Land allocation for Dojo owners
  • Reflection of existing Dojos
FUEL ecosystem growth through interior economy
  • Play to Earn (mission rewards)
  • NFT minting & trading
  • Virtual events with NFT passes
  • Creator economy
BUILD ready-to-use and customizable NFT premises (Dojos) to accelerate mass adoption
  • NFT collections
  • ERC-721 standard
  • Stored on IPFS


Dojo Owners
  • To enhance the value of digital asset by upgrading their dojo and interior
  • To build up brand/ community by rewarding visitors
  • To deliver value by having relevant content & hosting virtual events
  • To collect rewards
  • To gain understanding of community, products & services
  • To socialize with like-minded fellow players
  • Interior customization
  • Gamification dev
  • Virtual event hosting
  • Rent/resale agents

Token Distribution


2021 Q3
Kusama Council Alert App
2021 Q4
  • Team Building
  • Private Seed Round
2022 Q1
  • Product Development
  • Token Pre-Sale
2022 Q2
  • Beta Launch on Bit Country Metaverse Network
  • Strategic Round
2022 Q3
  • Partnership outside Polkadot Ecosystem

MetaDojo Team

Passionate blockchain project builders with proven engineering ability led by experienced team leaders with a track record of execution skills

Echo Guo
Co-Founder & CEO

Has a fur baby named Meta

Allan Liang
Co-Founder & CTO Game

Obsessed with the infinite possibilities the Metaverse opens

Kai Zhang
Co-Founder & CTO Blockchain

Passionate about metaverse mass adoption

(Hiring CMO & COO)
Ida Wahap
Community & Partnership Manager

Loves fishing (not phishing), playing Legos and online games. A strong advocate of mental health awareness

Leo Lou
Senior Software Developer

His interests range from writing clean, low latency code in various languages to Forex Trading and cooking

Deep Chahal
Senior Game Artist

His passion is to develop high-definition, photo-realistic assets with many types of simulation work

Steven Jurriaans
Game Artist

Grew up playing video games and has developed a passion for digital art and 3D worlds. His dream is to build truly unforgettable experiences

Hannah Do
Quality Assurance Manager

Passionate about quality of product delivery

(Hiring Full Stack Developer)
(Hiring UX/UI Designer)
(Hiring Technical Writer)

Our Advisors

Justin Pham
Advisor - Blockchain
Shannon Christie
Advisor - Game
Professor Justin Goldston
Advisor - Metaverse Research

Dr. Justin Goldston is a Professor at Penn State University, as well as a Visiting Professor and Graduate Advisory Board Member at Georgetown University. Goldston looks to bring his academic research focus on blockchain, the metaverse, and sustainability into practice with The SydTek DAO within the Bit.Country ecosystem. Outside of being a five-time TEDx speaker where he discussed blockchain in 2019, Goldston has over 20 years of experience consulting with organizations worldwide on enterprise-wide digital transformation initiatives. Goldston has also evaluated doctoral programs for the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, and has led and assisted in the development of Blockchain, Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Analytics programs and courses at Georgetown University, Texas A&M University, The University of the Cumberlands, and the International University of Applied Science in Bad Honnef, Germany

Mario Nawfal
Advisor - Growth Hacking

Mario Nawfal is the CEO of NFT Technologies (going public under ticker "NFT"), founder of International Blockchain Consulting, WeAreGrowthHackers and partner at International Blockchain Legal and North Equities. Mario and his team are behind some of the most successful projects this year, leveraging their large growth hacking team to increase the value of a project and help build the business

Jenny Yang
Advisor - Marketing & PR

Jenny Yang is Founder of Star Consulting, a premium marketing and strategy consulting & solution provider for blockchain, crypto and FinTech businesses. Jenny has been Marketing and Strategy Advisor for Blockchain and Crypto projects since 2018, helping startups develop high-performing teams, build efficient marketing strategies to grow as well as to enter many different markets worldwide. Jenny is blockchain advocate and early-stage investor of a number of game-changing projects, her portfolio covers DeFi, Metaverse, NFT, Privacy etc.. Having founded 2 blockchain media since late 2017, She is also an experienced journalist and an influencer in blockchain ecosystem of China market. Driven by the mission of leveraging Blockchain for Social Good, Jenny is committed to be a BUILDER throughout her life and empower as many people as possible with the emerging Blockchain and Crypto technology.

Our Partners

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Our Investors

Metaverse Career Academy

6 Week Video based training + Hands-on Project

The Metaverse Career Academy brings together the best of the best in industry expertise, interactive learning experience, and a recognized certification program to enable you to develop a paralleled career in Metaverse at a professional level in 6 weeks.